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Convert Image to Base64

  • Image to Base64 Encoder Online helps to convert Image to Base64 String. Copy to clipboard and Download base64 string.

    In development to improve the performance or don't want to load the image or small icon, image to base64 tools helps. Base64 string as Image can be used in emails as (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). All latest browser support to display base64 string as image. Base64 String represent data in radix-64 is particularly popular on the WWW (World Wide Web).

    Benefits of using base64

    to save images

    The benefits of using base64 to save images are as follows:

● It is a simple and quick way to convert any image into a binary code.

● It will save you time from having to worry about different image formats.

● You won't have to worry about image size, resolution or any other technical details when saving your image.

● If you want to share an article on social media, this is the best way to do it!

● This method gives you an easy way to compress your images. For example, if you were sharing a high-quality photo on Facebook or Twitter, this is the way to go. It will make sure that your photo looks great!